Premium multiscreen UI.

Total control.


Our award-winning software is conceived with one aim in mind — removing the complexity and risk of bringing online video entertainment to market, quickly. Our software can be used end-to-end to power apps, from video and data ingest and marketing to secure playback in apps on every video capable device. Our clients can also use components of our software to solve smaller challenges in their existing video solution.


Our Multiscreen Development Kit (MDK) streamlines the development and deployment of applications across an increasingly fragmented device landscape. 

The MDK saves time and reduces future costs by generating multiple native applications from a single codebase.


Multiscreen User Interface (MUI) is a white-label VOD application for TVs, consoles, mobile, tablet and web. It offers a comprehensive set of UI templates for AVOD, SVOD, TVOD and EST that are market proven to drive customer engagement.


Multiservice Storefront Manager (MSM) provides the necessary flexibility to launch advanced video offerings quickly and efficiently. It includes modular components for content operations, automation, catalog, pricing and merchandising, reporting, payment integration and hosting. 


Managed Video Platform (MVP) is an end-to-end cloud-based solution that leverages Massive’s complete product suite. MVP is a streamlined solution for setting up and managing your entertainment service. It includes storage, hosting, pre-integrated third-party services and best of breed cross-platform applications.


User Experience & Design


Massive offers a range of design, strategic and technical development services, supported by our team of industry experts in each field.